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Learn To Fly 3 Unblocked

Initially, you will start by launching yourself on a simple coil. As you go further in the game, you will have access to upgrades that will make your launch more effective. These stages are unlocked as you play the game Learn To Fly 3 Unblocked and each stage effectiveness and usage is different from one another. Sonic boost and cruise missile are the best among the stages and though they do not have a lot of fuel, they give amazing boosts. Invest more in upgrading your propulsion systems, something that adds power, thrust and fuel to your rockets and your launching mechanism as early as you can. This will help you get higher and more the money you will earn to get more upgrades. Overall Learn To Fly 3 Unblocked is one of the best games promising interactive game play and endless thrill in the world of online games.

Learn To Fly 3 Unblocked is a game for those who enjoyed older games. The objective of the game in which you are playing the penguin is not only to fly but to get into the space orbit by vertical launch. You have a team of penguins helping you along the way to achieve the task.


1) Use A, D or Left, Right – keys to steer.

2) W – Up key for boosts.

3) S – Down key to stop certain stages.

4) [ 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 ] – keys can be used for single boosts.

These controls can be changed in the options under menu. It is important to mention that Learn To Fly 3 Unblocked game runs on flash. Every day, you will launch yourself and get paid game currency based on the progress you make. You can use these earnings to further buy enhancements to make your efforts more effective to reach the moon. Things to remember:

1) Use the controls to avoid contact with objects in the way as they will slow you down.

2) Use the boost when the pressure gauge is at the highest.

3) Save your game often so that you can come back to point where you left instead of starting again.

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